Let’s delve into the Who, What, When, Where and most importantly, the Why


You are my Who.

Small Business owners, Local businesses’ Marketing managers, and ambitious dreamers who are looking to get their name & niche out there. I want be a resource, a tool, an ingredient in YOUR small businesses growth and YOUR success.


do you do weddings?

No, not my specialty. And I have an incredible respect for those who do wedding planning. Many many hours and many many emotional roller coasters from the Pinterest worshiping bride. Cheers to all the Wedding Planners out there crushing it, staying calm and pulling off successful weddings, every day!


So WHAT is North Idaho Events?

An event production company. I produce events that bring joy, entertainment, education and/or information to Panhandle Locals. On the business front, you can invest in a sponsorship or vendor space to expand your prospect reach. With different themed trade shows & experiences, your company can participate in the event that attracts your key demographic. Sometimes getting out of the Brick and Mortar and dabbling in a new environment is just the fuel your business needs to get to the next level.

When & Where

The events take place, in the beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and Northwestern Regions throughout the entire calendar year. Often time, the holidays and seasons set the foundation for the upcoming events. So, I do encourage to check our Facebook page as well as this website for insider updates on the approaching events.




I have been in the Corporate America scene for many years and have always enjoyed all of the different vendors, partners, networking and business development that takes place. Oh, and the events, the events were my very favorite avenue to market the company I represented and also the partners I worked with. Creating new, unique and memorable events has always been where I light up and where my heart shines. So, I left the 9 to 5 and leaped. I leaped into an adventure that I’ve dreamed of doing for years. It just took a push from God and the incredible love and support from my husband, to just DO IT!!
Are you a business owner looking to grow, shine and reach new heights? I would love the chance to meet with you and find the right avenue of events for you to be featured in.
Are you a North Idaho local looking for entertainment and a chance to get off your phone and interact with wonderful people? I would love to see you at our future events.